Lunch with a Leader

Created in 2011, the “Lunch with a Leader” series was designed to give BPRS/Atlanta members exclusive and rare opportunities to sit down with local industry leaders to learn more about a relevant career topic or track. The luncheons are held 2-3 times a year, typically at the “leaders” place of business. The sessions are limited to 15-20 attendees and are often conducted in a talk show type format. The “leaders” are interviewed for approximately 15 minutes and then the “floor is opened” to allow attendees to ask any question they may have.

Previous leaders have included:

  • Glen Jackson, founder of Jackson Spalding
  • James Anderson, senior vice president of Turner Broadcasting
  • Alicia Thompson, general manager of Edelman Atlanta
  • Lolita Browning Jackson, region external affairs manager for Georgia Power
  • Bari Love, senior vice president of market for the Atlanta Chamber
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