As a member of BPRS Atlanta, you gain immediate access to leading communications professionals in the following fields: public relations, public affairs, marketing communications, media relations, community affairs, and government affairs. BPRS Atlanta offers great professional development, networking, mentoring, and career and internship opportunities.

This year, we are excited to offer you quality program and opportunities to increase your professional development. As we move forward, we hope to attract practitioners new to BPRS Atlanta, re-engage others and increase our number of paid members invested in the financial health and future of the organization.

Our Membership Goals:

  • Serve as an established resource for PR professionals looking for professional development and growth
  • Connect professionals with one another for networking, mentoring and business opportunities
  • Provide students with proper “picture” of the industry and help prepare them for the “real world”
  • Showcase black PR professionals in the metro Atlanta region who are making an impact in the industry

Membership Levels:

There are three types of membership categories:

  • Full member: Actively engaged in a public relations and/or related communications career, in addition to those engaged in the teaching or administering of public relations courses at an accredited college or university. Full members shall have full voting rights, may chair committees, hold office, and participate in all organization functions.
  • Associate member: Have an interest in the field of public relations and/or related communications career; have a need for public relations services; serve as a public relations vendor(s); or are engaged in careers that interact with the public relations industries (e.g., traditional journalists, new media/bloggers, fundraisers, event promoters). Associate members may participate on committees, attend meetings and all organization functions. They may not vote, hold office or chair committees.
  • Student member: Currently enrolled in an institution of higher education, majoring in the study of public relations, mass communications and/or relevant field. Student members may participate on committees, attend meetings and all organization functions. They may not vote or hold office.

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